Goodbye Brian Doyle

Goodbye Brian Doyle


Regular visitors know that I have what some may describe as  a nemesis named Brain Doyle. Doyle hails from Sanibel Fl. and has made it his mission to stalk whatever I write about and reports about it in the most negative way, he does this on his Prayer Woman Page on FB or at the JFK Assassination forum when not being banned there. I myself am no angel and have retorted in my own harsh way, but Doyle posted a video of himself recently and that took things to a new level that it is wise to officially announce my retirement from interacting in any possible way with Brian Doyle.

His postings have become so irate that he has managed to get himself kicked off forums such as the Education Forum, the Deep Politics Forum, Amazon (hundreds of trolling posts were deleted while using 3 IDs) and this July he was thrown of the JFKAssassinationforum 3x in that very month and in April and May temporary banned as well. When I do an interview on a podcast or radio show I know Doyle will be commenting, He does not produce one shred of proof in his word salad postings and has made many enemies along the line doing so.

Take a look at John Iacolleti’s work, he took the effort to collect Doyle’s falsehoods, lies and fabrications and started to add them together. There are more than 400 bullshit remarks that are made up and have no backing of any evidence whatsoever. Doyle is a grotesque liar who does not belong in any research community

What made me make solidify this decision, well the video he posted on his FB page did. It is just so creepy and weird that I get visions of him driving around with his trunk filled with rope, duct tape and black bin liners and that is enough for me.

I ask Brian Doyle not to try and interact with me in any way and I won’t do it either as I would not want to have any contact with you in person so that goes for online as well.

Goodbye Brian Doyle.