The Washington Post

I managed to buy a set of front sections of the Washington Post Nov 23rd up to and including Nov 29th.

Then had these sent to Terry Martin who scanned the pages in for me by making  scans of each quarter page, and from whereon I stitched them back together as the scans would allow me to. I think I did an alright job.

I am only showing mostly Oswald related stuff.

All ROKC scans by Terry Martin.

The large pages are fairly big, click on the image to see full size scan.


Nov 23rd.


Love that highlighted bit above!


Nov 24th

moorman-page9-wash-post-nov-24 ROKC Scan

washington-post-nov-24-1963-page-1-rokc-scanwashington-post-nov-24-1963-page-7-rokc-scanThe first bit refers to Molina, the second to the encounter. At 12:45?


Nov 25th.




Nov 26th.

washington-post-nov-26-1963-page-6-rokc-scan washinton-post-nov-26-1963-page-16-rokc-scan zapruder-rights-washingtpn-post-nov-26-1963-page-6-rokc-scan


Nov 27th.

spoof-arifle-ad-wash-post-nov-27-1963-rokc-scan washington-post-nov-27-1963 washington-post-nov-27-1963-2


Nov 28th.

washington-post-nov-28-1963-page-3-rokc-scan washington-post-nov-28-1963-page-4-rokc-scan

Nov 29th.