William James Lowery HSCA testimony.


William James Lowery is not known to many, but Joe Molina changed all that when he insisted on giving his testimony to the Warren Commission. In his W.C. testimony Molina states:

Mr. MOLINA. I just wanted to state in the record that I want to deny any accusations if there is any doubt in anybody’s mind.
Mr. BALL. No; there is nobody I ever heard has accused you of anything.
Mr. MOLINA. I know there’s a fella that I talk with that belongs to the or had worked with the FBI that knows my position in this thing.
Mr. BALL. I never heard anybody accuse you of any wrongdoing in connection with this matter.
Mr. MOLINA. In fact, Bill Lowery worked with the FBI.
Mr. BALL. You don’t have to worry about that: no one is accusing you of anything.
Mr. MOLINA. Except the local people here.

Lowery was working for the feds and he was infiltrating groups and attending meetings to inform on them to the FBI. I will write a piece on him later this year.

William James Lowery NBC News

The testimony below was supposedly ‘Postponed In Full’ but was released many many years ago. Very interesting read.