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Last modified: Aug 26th 2018.

Thanks to the following fine individuals at Re-open Kennedy Case  who helped me gain more information and material and keep on pursuing new leads while putting this together:

Greg Parker, Lee Farley,  Stan Dane, Terry Martin, Ed Ledoux, Hasan Yusuf, Steely Dan, Francesco Del Paso, Vanessa Loney, Vinny and Jake Sykes.




Pictures of the Pain: Photography and the Assassination of President Kennedy by Richard B. Trask.

Presumed Guilty by Howard Roffman.

Whitewash by Harold Weisberg.

Whitewash II The FBI-Secret Service cover-up by Harold Weisberg.

Whitewash III The Photographic Whitewash of the JFK Assassination by Harold Weisberg.

Photographic Whitewash by Harold Weisberg.

Accessories after the Fact: The Warren Commission, the Authorities, and the Report by Sylvia Meagher.

No Case To Answer by Ian Griggs.

The Girl On The Stairs by Barry Ernest.

No More Silence by Larry Sneed.

Not In Your Lifetime by Anthony Summers.

Out Of The Shadows And Into The Light: Prayer Man by Stan Dane.

Survivors Guilt by Vince Palamara.

That Day In Dallas by Richard Trask.

Henry Wade’s Tough Justice: How Dallas County Prosecutors Led the Nation in Convicting the Innocent by Edward Grey.

Oswald, assassin or Fall Guy by Joachim Joesten

The Day Kennedy Was Shot by Jim Bishop.

Chasing Thugs, Nazis, and Reds: Texas Ranger Norman K. Dixon.

The Reporter Who Knew Too Much by Mark Shaw.

Cover Up by Gary Shaw.

Kennedy Assassinated The World Mourns by Wilborn Hampton.

The Assassination Tapes by George O’Toole.

Forgive My Grief Vol. 1 by Penn Jones.

Who Was Jack Ruby by Seth Kantor.

Retired Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry Reveals His Personal JFK Assassination File by Jesse Curry (1969).

The Man Who Knew Too Much by Dick Russell.


Writings and Documents (on forums and articles/essays):


Greg Parker, Donald Willis, Richard Hocking, Sean Murphy, Harold Weisberg, Albert Rossi, Jan R. Stevens, Steve Roe, Hasan YusufBill Kelly,  Gil Jesus,  Lee Farley, Dealey Joe, Richard Gilbride, Beowulf, Pat Speer, Ed Ledoux, Colin Cr0w, Donald W. Roberdeau, Tracy Riddle, Martin Hinrichs, Bernice More, Chris Mills, Wallace Millam, Mick Purdy, Goban Saor, David Josephs, Jim DiEugenio, Joseph Green, Bob Prudhomme, Terry Adams, Bart Kamp, Terry Martin, Ian Griggs, Stan Dane, Linda Giovanna ZambaniniCharles WallaceTom Rossley, Larry Haappanen, Jake, Vinny, Paul McGurkenfarklein, Frank A. Cellura, Josh Cron, Smee.


Images:, Tom Alyea, Dave Weigman, Malcolm Couch, University of North Texas, Tina Towner, John Martin, James Darnell,  CBS, ABC, NBC, 6th Floor Museum, Jim Murray, William Allen.

Image Research:

 Robin Unger, Denis Morissette, Stan Dane, Bart Kamp, Jack WhiteHelmer Reenberg, Linda Giovanna Zambanini, Steve Roe, Sandy Larsen, Chris Davidson and Vince Palamara.

Thanks to:

Vince Palamara, Keith Farner (gwinnettdailypost), Mike Shannon (dfwretroplex), Eric Ames  (



The Harold Weisberg Archive.

Mary Ferrel Foundation.

John Armstrong Collection.

John F. Kennedy/Dallas Police Department Collection.

Richmond Times-Dispatch.

History Matters.

National Archives Catalogue.

University Of North Texas.

Malcolm Blunt.



Online forums:


Prayer Man On The Education Forum By: Hasan Yusuf.

Prayer Man Poll By Greg Parker.

Campbell and Truly 15 minutes of Infamy by Greg Parker.

Frazier and Oswald by Greg Parker.

HSCA Interview: Norman did not go to the 6th floor by Greg Parker.

William Shelly – Betrayal & Perjury by Richard Gilbride.

William Shelly’s CIA Claim by Greg Parker.

Jack Edwin Dougherty by Lee Farley.

Williams Did Not Go To The 6th Floor by Greg Parker.

Gordon Smith by Richard Gilbride.

If Marion Baker had stuck to his original statement… by Greg Parker.

Baker’s HSCA interview Shows He was Given His Later Story by Greg Parker.

The Education Forum:

Oswald Leaving TSBD? By: Bill Kelly.

Prayer Man: A Memo to James Gordon By: J. Raymond Carroll.

Will Some photo expert disprove Charles Wallace? By: J. Raymond Carroll.

The Glaze Letters by: William Weston.

Was Marrion Baker the True Source of Inspector Sawyer’s Suspect Description? by: Sean Murphy.

Was Oswald stopped by Sawyer near the TSBD front entrance? By Sean Murphy.

Joe Molina’s connections to gun-runners by Greg Parker.

New book on Victoria Adams by author Barry Ernest by Robert Morrow.



-JFK Lancer Forum (these posts miss a lot of info and pix).

How Did Howard Brennan Miss Oswald Out Front? By Sean Murphy.

Did Baker & Truly Meet Oswald? By Sean Murphy.


JFK Murder Solved Forum:

Marrion Baker and his encounter with Oswald by Ken Murray.


-Deep Politics Forum: 

Sean Murphy’s Research Deserves More by Ivan de Mey.


 JFK Facts

One Mans Encounter With Oswald.

In JFK lore, who is Prayer Man?


Google Groups

Oswald was stopped at the TSBD entrance by Sean Murphy.

Sandra Styles by Sean Murphy.

Why Did Oswald Buy A Coke by Peter Fokes.

When did Shelly See Oswald?

Baker/Truly witnesses? By: Donald Willis


Extra! How the Morning News Was Used To Help Frame Oswald  by Donald Willis.

Extra! How the Morning News Was Used To Help Frame Oswald part 2 by Donald Willis.


Chronology of Police activities n Nov. 22/23/24.