Lee Oswald leafleting in New Orleans

As most of you are aware, the other week there was this story about Ted Cruz’s father Rafael Cruz Sr. being recognised as part of a group of Cuban fellas in front of the Trade Mart in New Orleans. We know that Carlos Bringuier was one of them  with Lee Oswald in the foreground handing out leaflets warning citizens to keep their hands of Cuba. The Oswald part was discussed a gazillion times and you won’t get me debating it much further. Nor will I discuss the Cruz part since it is just rubbish as well, sounds more like a smear than anything legitimate, I would not be surprised that this is a payback from the Trump camp regarding Trump’s dad and the KKK  . JFKFacts and other sites debunked this rubbish rather quick.

Then someone started mentioning that the white guy looked like Bill Shelley and there is no evidence whatsoever pointing to that. The only person one could suspect being that would be Thomas Edward Beckham, but even that is not as straight forward as it seems. Beckham is still alive btw. And that’s as much as I am getting involved on this issue.

But a fellow ROKCer went to NARA again and came across these pix, so damned if I am not going to post them.

Lee Oswald in New Orleans-ROKC Scan-1
Lee Oswald in New Orleans-ROKC Scan-3


Lee Oswald in New Orleans-ROKC Scan-2