Captain George Max Doughty, Detective J.B. “Johnny” Hicks & Sergeant William E “Pete” Barnes

Photos: Jim Murray. All the pix besides the last one are scans made by Terry Martin at NARA from the Richard E. Sprague archive. The very last pic is from the FWST collection.

Captain George “Max” Doughty (wearing a tie), Detective J.B. “Johnny” Hicks (wearing a hat) & Sergeant William E “Pete” Barnes (wearing a bow tie), responsible for Oswald’s fingerprints, palm prints and paraffin test at about 21:30 Nov 22nd.

Thanks to Denis Morissette who pointed out that the guy in the hallway holding Oswald’s finger print card is different than William Barnes, and I cannot find his name, not even in That Day In Dallas that describes the shots Jim Murray took inside the DPD. Another mystery added……

Add on April 26th 2016:

Linda Giovanna Zambanini posted recently on Facebook the identity of  Captain George “Max Doughty” who was Head of the Crime Investigation La , he was Det. W.E. “Pete” Barnes’ and Det. “Johnny” Hicks’ superior.

George Max Doughty

George Max Doughty

George “Max” Doughty as part of the golf team 1934. Source