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James ‘Jimmy’ Darnell


Jimmy Darnell


James Darnell rode in Cam Car 3 along with Malcolm Couch, Tom Dillard, Bob Jackson and Frank Underwood.

Darnell’s film is written about in great detail in Richard Trask’s book “Pictures Of The Pain” , but what is peculiar is the absence  of any mentioning of the sequence of the front steps of the TSBD.

Denis Morissette found a clip from NBC which aired the snippet we are after in 1964. Until July 2016 I had no idea whether NBC had actually aired that particular segment.

The sequence  shows up again in the documentary “Beyond JFK, The Question Of Conspiracy” (FF 24:17), which is released along with JFK The Movie by Oliver Stone. I myself manage purchase it as a double VHS release  in 1994 and see it for the first time.

In the case of Prayer Man, Darnell’s footage is the clearest. It provides some great insights with regards people standing on the stairs just about 15-25 seconds after the shooting and shows various TSBD workers still standing on the steps and also some making their way back in.

Like Malcolm Couch Jimmy Darnell followed Marrion Baker’s spurt to the front steps and did not raise his camera up to the 6th floor. Nor did Darnell ever make any mention of the barrel being withdrawn or quote the others about this particular sighting.

The sequence shot by James ‘Jimmy’ Darnell is the clearest footage of Prayer Man to date. The main problem with this footage is the resolution it is available at, 654 x 480 pixels, not a lot. Especially when we are looking at a small detail of those actual 654 x 480 pixels.



This clip was originally posted by BlankDogMan on Youtube. Nice job!


Couch and Darnell overlapping each other. Gif by: Gerda Dunckel





Darnell close-up front entrance TSBD-Gif by Gerda Dunckel



twitter 6th floor museum asking where is the darnell film


Gary Mack’s email regarding the Darnell film


Gary Mack private message to Vanessa Looney at the Education Forum

Gary Mack private message to Vanessa Looney at the Education Forum


In Nov. 2018 Alan Dale manages to ask Stephen Fagin of the 6th Floor Museum at the Lancer Conference what is happening with the Darnell film. Fagin answers that they have a 2K digital version of this film available in their research room and were going to go public about this in the near foreseeable future. The film can be viewed by making an appointment to see it in the Reading Room at the Sixth Floor Museum.

Jimmy Darnell passed away on Sept. 29 2017.