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Ochus Virgil Campbell.



Ochus V Campbell standing next to Roy Truly (black hat and jacket). Click pic. to enlarge.


Ochus Virgil Campbell, vice-president of the Texas School Book Depository Building stated something that was published in two newspapers on Nov 23rd 1963 which he did not repeat at any given time after!

The New York Herald Tribune 11/23/63:
Shortly after the shooting we raced back into the building. We had been outside watching the parade. We saw him (Oswald) in a small storage room on the ground floor. Then we noticed he was gone.” Mr Campbell added: “Of course he and the others were on their lunch hour but he did not have permission to leave the building and we haven’t seen him since.”

The Dallas Morning News 11/23/63:
O.V. Campbell Vice-President of the firm said he and Truly super intendent of the firm, were standing in front of the building at 411 Elm when the shooting started. Campbell said he ran toward a grassy knoll, west of the building where he thought a sniper had hidden. He said Truly and an officer had run into the building.

He then mentions in the FBI report of Nov. 24th that he was not personally acquainted with Oswald and had never seen him. Campbell repeats this in the statement of March 19th 1964 (the infamous CE 1381 report).

Ochus Campbell was the source of the New York Herald Tribune story. With the DMN version, reporter Kent Biffle used information he overheard Truly give to Fritz, though some of it may also have come from Campbell given the likelihood that if one reporter spoke to him, others did too.

In his FBI statements he says that he went straight back into the TSBD.