Prayer Man is no Prayer Woman

Prayer Man is no Prayer Woman

So what about Sarah Stanton.  being Prayer Man? Well no she is already pointed out three years ago where she was with the support of all available evidence.

First she has breasts, which no one else can find on any Prayer Man photograph. Find them and I will convert! There you have it.

Below is a photo of Sarah Stanton. Take a good look at her wrist and note the thickness of it due to her being seriously overweight. her upper arm is chubby too.

Sarah Stanton. Click to enlarge.

And now let’s have a look at Prayer Man’s wrist.

You see? There is a difference between Prayer Man’s arm and hand, whereas the Stanton photo shows hardly any difference in thickness at all.

Prayer Man’s wrist in the Darnell film. Click to enlarge.

End of debate once again.