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Nov. 2016: I have been given the Mary Ferrell New Frontier Award at the JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas, TX.

“Bart’s work in reexamining the official story of the encounter with Lee Oswald Texas School Book Depository building second floor has brought forward a broad array of new data, including documents and statements of the participants and a variety of TSBD witnesses.”


I have done a Dutch national radio program and a local Dutch TV current affairs program. Both will need English subtitles so until done so this space is occupied with this text, eventually links to both segments will appear here. For now this blog post will have to do.



Blog post by EJK from NY. Who is converted by the subterfuge of evidence as shown in the movie that Prayer Man is Lee Oswald. March 1st 2016.

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Episode 104 of Rob Clark’s Lone Gun Man podcast, 2 hours of chatter Feb 16th 2016.

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Hasan Yusuf review. Dec 2015.


Mentioning of my movie in the Prayer Man: Out Of The Shadows And Into The Light Book Review. Dec 2015.

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