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Anatomy of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Interrogations.

Featured in National Review magazine. Scan from NARA.



Mary Ferrel Foundation.

Detention and Death of Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Warren Commission Report: An early critique by Sylvia Meagher.

Prayer Man website.

Malcolm Blunt Archive.

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Justice in the sixties: conviction at all costs.

Dallas Observer.

Dallas Morning News Aug 30th 1949.

Crime rate figures presented through Dallas City Hall.

The Texas Monthly.

Bill Decker.

Bill Richburg.

Travis Kirk.

Texas Monthly in Sept. 2007.

Jon Sparling.

NYT article from the 2002

The Sparling manual.

The Law and Henry Wade.

Centre for Public Integrity.

Brady violation.

The Innocence Project.

Watkins described Wade’s tenure.

The Guardian.

Henry Wade’s Tough Justice

The existence of 15,000 pages.


Recording the Interrogations.

Will Fritz’s notes in 1996.

Assignment Oswald.

Forrest Sorrels’ handwritten notes.

Pre-report made after the first interrogation.

Fritz’s WC testimony.

Bill Alexander.

No More Silence.

Elmo T. Cunningham.

Ronnie Duggar at 10:17.

Will Fritz HSCA.

Thomas Kelley’s W.C. testimony.

James Hosty Church Committee testimony.

Charles Dhority’s W.C. testimony.

Harry Dean Holmes.

You took notes, just read them for yourself, if you want to refresh your memory”

Henry wade Warren Commission testimony.

Dallas Morning News from Nov 21 1993.

World Journal Tribune – Bob Considine Mar 24 1967.


The Settings on the 3rd floor of City Hall.


Third floor diagram Dallas Police Department.

F.B.I. and Secret Service agents.

Photo: Darryl Heikes. UNT.

DPD chief Jesse Curry talking to the press in the corridor. UNT.


Timeline of Oswald’s Interrogations.

Nov 22nd 1963.


13:50 Lee Harvey Oswald is arrested at the Texas Theater.

Gerald Hill’s W.C. testimony.

Paul Bentley during his Oral History Interview for the Sixth Floor Museum at 18:30.

Alek James Hidell research published in 2021.

14:00 Oswald is brought in to the 3rd floor inside City Hall.

Richard Trask’s Pictures of The Pain.

Oswald arriving at City Hall.

Charles Truman Walker HSCA statement.

FBI statement Paul Bentley Feb 3rd 1964.

Bentley is interviewed in the hallway.

Initial Questioning of Oswald inside the D.P.D.

Jim Leavelle.

Joseph Ball asked Leavelle if he had ever spoken to Oswald before this interrogation (page 269).

Joe Nick Patoski.

Jim Leavelle’s report @ AARC Library.

Jim Leavelle’s Oral History video from the 6th floor museum

Jim Leavelle’s W.C. testimony.

Jim Leavelle’s testimony part 2.

Joseph McBride Into The Nightmare (page 319).

Jim Leavelle Oral History video from 2008 (at 10:45).

Joe R. Cody.

Today Cedar Hill (Duncanville, Tex.), Vol. 36, No. 6, Ed. 1 Thursday, April 26, 2001.

Joe Cody 1989 interview.

Joe Cody “40 people, 40 stories”.

Lieutenant T.L. Baker report at UNT (page 4).

14:15 – 14:25 Oswald Questioned by Gus F. Rose and Richard S. Stovall.

Bob Carroll W.C. testimony.

Richard Stovall

The joint report made up with Gus Rose and John Adamcik.

Richard Stovall’s  W.C. testimony.

Gus Rose’s  W.C. testimony.

Gus Rose.

Article in 1998 for D Magazine.

Richard Sims’ WC. testimony.

Elmer Boyd and Will Fritz leaving the T.S.B.D. Pic.: William Allen. Portal Of Texas History.

Elmer Boyd W.C. testimony.

NBC timeline.

14:30 – 16:05 First Interrogation by Will Fritz.

John Will Fritz.

Will Fritz W.C. testimony.

Will Fritz notes ARRB in 1997.

Will Fritz notes. From: Mary Ferrell.

Will Fritz WC testimony.

Nat Pinkston.

Donald Rumsfeld’s knowns & unknowns speech.

Elmer Boyd.

Elmer Boyd Warren Commission testimony.

HSCA testimony Elmer Boyd.

“Capturing Oswald”

Elmer Boyd video for the Sixth Floor Museum.

Harold Weisberg noted this already decades ago.

Richard Sims’ Warren Commission testimony.

14:55 Oswald’s photo appears on the wire.

6th Floor Museum with Fred Kaufman.

15:00 – 15:15 Hosty and Bookhout join Captain Fritz.

James Bookhout describing their entry.

Interview for the Society of Former Special agents of the F.B.I. in 2006.

James Hosty Warren Commission testimony.

Assignment Oswald.

Hosty notes.

Hosty notes.

James Hosty papers which were made public by the ARRB in 1997.

Hosty papers.

The James Hosty Oswald Interrogation notes.

Joint Hosty/Bookhout report.

Assignment Oswald.

Hidell ID article.

Assignment Oswald.

Hoover makes a half hearted attempt weeks later.

Hosty’s HSCA testimony.

Hosty Church Committee testimony Dec 5th 1975.

Hosty Church Committee testimony Dec 12th 1975.

Hosty Church Committee testimony Dec 13th 1975.

HSCA staff review interview on the 25th August 1978.

Malcolm Blunt Archives.

James Bookhout.

Will Fritz WC testimony.

James Bookhout W.C. testimony.

James Bookhout joint statement with James Hosty.

The destruction of Lee Harvey Oswald’s alibi and the invention of the second floor lunchroom encounter.

James Bookhout report Nov 25 1963.

15:01 J Edgar Hoover tells RFK he thinks Oswald is the man who killed the President.

J Edgar Hoover DOJ document from the Malcolm Blunt Archive.

15:15 Robert E. Jones of the 112th INTC contacts the D.O.J./F.B.I.

D.O.J. report Nov 22 1963.

FBI Report Nov 22 1963 Malcolm Blunt Archive.

USSS report from Dec 5 1963.

FBI report Nov 22 1963.

HSCA April 4th 1977.

HSCA April 28th 1977.

Secret cable of the 4th Army Command to the Strike Command on the evening of Nov 22nd 1963.

Don Stringfellow’HSCA interview on Oct 26 1977.

Robert E Jones H.S.C.A Nov 28 1978.

15:15 Nicholas Katzenbach wants to release a statement of Oswald’s Guilt.

FBI Clyde Tolson document Nov 22 1963.

16:00 Interrogated by Forrest Sorrels.

Part 1 of Forrest Sorrels’ WC testimony.

Part 3 of Forrest Sorrels’ WC testimony.

Preliminary interview of Forrest J. Sorrels by Samuel A. Stern for the W.C. April 10 1964 (pages 5&6).

William Patterson Schweiker Committee interview.

Winston Lawson W.C testimony.

16:25 Hosty and Sorrels meet briefly.