Dumping my Lancer and DPUK awards

I have decided to hand back the awards I was given for my work on the 2nd floor lunch room encounter paper. Brian Doyle is probably thinking that he has won with his incessant trolling on FB and some forums, oh wait he has no forums left to post on, he has been kicked off of all of them……

Doyle can talk till the cows come home, but he is nothing more than a lying troll and Debra Conway engaged into a convo with him and got goaded.

It is actually Debra Conway’s remark to Brian Doyle  on FB that has made me decide to dump both awards. If the regret is THAT big then why should I be an obstacle, you can have it back with pleasure. I am also handing the DPUK award back as well.  No need to keep ’em.

I was pleasantly surprised by both awards but the tail this has been getting means I see no need for holding on to them. I just wish to add that DPUK has no blame whatsoever, my thought was if I hand one back then I may as well hand back the other. Nothing sinister at all, it was my decision to do this based on what has happened above.

Think my research stands strong enough without them so there.

Am I going to quit?

Fuck no!

First there will be a rebuttal to the utter shit essay made by Richard Gilbride a week ago, since this dross is 90 odd pages long it will take a bit of time.

Then of course the V4 update fo Anatomy Of The Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter, which will be double the amount of pages as to the one I actually got the award for….see life moves on regardless.

Finally I wish to thank Larry Hancock and Stu Wexler at Lancer and Barry Keane at DPUK for choosing me at first for consideration of the Lancer New Frontier and the DPUK Awards.